Who matters most in life

Anybody can talk great about you when you’ve finally secured that corner office at the top floor and have enough credit to drag them along to the finer things of your level.

But it is not everybody who can insist on being part of your life when there is nothing desirable about it.

Showing up to take pictures on graduation day is the easy part. Showing up to extend support when somebody isn’t even sure if they will ever make to it to graduation is the test that puts all kinds of relationships into perspective.

An elaborate song of praise from somebody who was too busy to notice that your star would eventually rise is nothing compared to an odd word of encouragement you got from somebody who checked on your progress even when there was a no progress to talk about.

It is the people who talk about your bigness long before you even strike a hand at anything that remind you just what it means to be within a genuine company.

It is the people who fuel you up to speed even when they don’t understand the direction you’re moving towards who shed light on what the difference is between a friendship and a hang-out-crowd.

The truth is that sooner or later every attempt, every effort, and every hope we put into our deepest desires will yield the fairest results. But not everybody can wait with you.

When you have found people who can easily move along to the next best thing but insist on sticking around to see you turn you worst challenges into your best thing – you have found a beautiful thing. When you have found people willing to hang on and resuscitate what may appear to be your dead dreams to everybody else – you have found a beautiful thing.

The people who go out of their way to stand with you when you are nowhere near your best are the people who deserve of all you when something starts going your way.

*By Chris Mazibuko, he used to write for this blog & now you can follow him on : https://chrismazibukoonline.wordpress.com/


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