Pay attention!

Some of the saddest people right now are the people who are only waking up at the end of the year to realise how wasted their year has been.

Wasted because they spent all their time into pointing everything that was wrong in other people’s lives.

Wasted because they threw all their energy into trying to slow down people who were running towards their dreams, hoping they would catch some speed towards their own goals.

Driven by lust to see others stumble, they9 left their own posts to man other people’s stations.

Only now they are returning to realise how much they missed out on while they weren’t focusing on themselves. It is sad.

The time you spent laughing at somebody’s fall, that’s the time they were learning what it means to be resilient and standing up for what you believe in.

The time you spent going around singing “I told him/her so”, that is the time people were putting into learning from their errors.

People aren’t going to be condemned by your opinion, no matter how sharp and cutting you make it out to be.

People have learned to put their lives, and dreams, and goals, and hopes, first.

People have mastered the attitude of winners – the attitude that that says if they are going to get anywhere significant in their lives they cannot waste time wrestling with people who are insignificant to their purpose.

It must hurt to realise that what you thought was a plan to crush somebody down was actually the push they needed to get up and get going.

It must hurt to realise that the gossip you thought was set to derail somebody actually became the anchor that spurred him on.

It must hurt to realise that it was your hate, and jealousy, and twisted attitude that helped build a champion out of somebody you were convinced was a loser.

It takes a truly great person to step out of the hurt and disappointment of missing out on opportunities they thought they could never have again and go get something even better.

It takes something special in somebody to lose over and over again but insist they are still good enough to fight.

You just can’t stand in the way of greatness when greatness wants its moment of shine in somebody’s life.

Just because somebody’s stuff doesn’t look together when they first make a try that doesn’t say anything about how spectacular it will look when they finally get it right.

That’s just some of the lessons some of us could have learned had we paid attention to our own life events. Life.

*By Christopher Mazibuko, used to write for this blog & now he’s got his spot:


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